An Overview of Immigration to Canada

By November 30, 2016Blog

A country like Canada which is popular for its vibrant culture, scenic locations, natural beauty, rich history and a booming economy definitely attracts a lot of immigrants looking for a new way of life in a new place. However, immigration to Canada requires serious thought and planning, as the processes are long and exhaustive. There are different immigration programs that cater to US citizens wanting to immigrate to Canada. While undergoing the immigration process, one must remember to be focused and stay patient.

Step 1

One of the most important criteria to immigrate to Canada is the justification of the decision to move there from USA. A US citizen may visit Canada without any authorization, but immigrating is another ball game. There are several ways to obtain permission to reside in Canada, but these have to be backed by strong reasons like:

  1. You have a skill that can benefit Canadian businesses, requiring you to stay in Canada.
  2. You have managed to land a job in Canada.
  3. You have relatives or friends in Canada who have nominated you for permanent residency.
  4. You are an entrepreneur with a high net worth who can benefit the Canadian economy.

Step 2

Once the above conditions have been met for immigration, the next step is to choose a province in Canada where you will be settling. Since every province a different set of rules and regulations, it is important to make note of these before applying for immigration.

Having selected a province, one must read the rules and regulations stipulated for immigration purposes. US citizens may find that one province suits them more than the other.For example, in the province of British Columbia (BC), a person is eligible to apply for permanent residence if they have a relative who can nominate them. Additionally, skilled workers get an ‘express entry’ wherein their skill set can help them gain permanent residence.

This Skilled Worker immigration comes with three levels, namely – Quebec, federal, and the provincial nominee programs (PNPs). Each program requires a person to have specific work qualifications that serve the social or economic needs of the province.

Step 3

There are many factors that can reduce a US citizen’s chances of immigration to Canada. A criminal record, serious health condition, debts or financial issues or the barring of a family member from Canada are some of the most common reasons for declination of immigration and should be avoided or tackled before filling out the application.

Step 4

The next step is to evaluate the different immigration programs in order to choose one that best suits your needs. This step is very important as it can save a lot of time and effort in the future.

Having covered the basics, it is a good rule of thumb to invest in an Ontario-based broker who specializes in Canadian immigration, since there is no room for mistakes in this process.

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