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By November 7, 2017Blog

Turo Insurance in Toronto is not available to owners with vehicles listed outside provinces of Canada. The coverage plan does not hold importance for owners who have already declined a protection plan in order to offer their own commercial rental insurance to their consumers.

Turo Insurance in Toronto offers three types of vehicle protection plans; Standard, Basic and Premium. The aforementioned Turo insurance plans offer up to $1,000,000 in liability protection, however have different methods of covering physical damage to the vehicle. Here it is important to note that if in case you do not wish to take the turo insurance plan in Toronto, then it is mandatory for you to provide commercial insurance which is certified by Turo before renting any of your vehicle or vehicles.

There are different standards that have to be met in order to qualify for physical damage coverage for events that are covered under the rental period. The following documentation, for instance, is a must. These include:

  • Clear photo documentation of the areas the host intends to seek coverage for. The important point here is that the picture should be taken within 24 hours of the start and end of the trip.
  • The owner can also provide other evidence, including police report, etc., which affirms that the accident did take place.

Below mentioned are the protections offered in Toro Insurance in Toronto.

Liability coverage – This encompasses the benefit of third party liability protection.

Physical injury and property damage to third parties – Toro Insurance policy provides a $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for hosts for the rental period. It is designed such that it serves as a primary basis over the host’’s auto policy. Note that the liability coverage also remains effective during this period.

Physical damage -Turo Insurance in Toronto provides physical damage protection up to the actual cash value of the car.

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