Buy travel insurance on the way to the airport

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You are on your way to the airport in Toronto, Ottawa or other city in Ontario and you just realize you forgot to buy travel insurance.

It’s not to late to get what you need

Don’t despair. You can still buy your policy before starting your trip. This means you can buy travel insurance while you are in line to check your luggage at the airport or while chilling in the lounge waiting for your flight.

There are many questions that go through your mind now. Should I still get travel insurance? How do I pay for it? How can I see the coverages I’m buying? Do I need a paper policy? We made this process so easy, you don’t have to worry about these things. Click, quote and buy travel insurance from your phone in seconds. Change details if you need to. Modify coverages and deductibles to get the price you’re most comfortable with.

Buy the travel insurance policy right away

You can see the coverages and get all the details you need from your phone. Once you buy your travel insurance policy, you get confirmation your policy is valid before you board the plane. That’s easy isn’t it? Minutes before you were all scared and worried. You were thinking that your trip hasn’t started well and that there might be other things you forgot to do. Relax. You can still get things in place. You can get the policy and start to think about those great things you’ll do on your trip knowing that you got your travel insurance to rely on if something happens.

To get a free insurance quote and buy in seconds go to

At the bottom of the page click on Emergency Travel, Trip Interruption & Trip Cancellation Insurance to start a quote. Click and choose the insurance plan that is most convenient to you. You can choose an emergency travel insurance only or choose a policy that is more complete and includes the cancellation of your trip or your return and also includes lost luggage insurance.


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