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By November 26, 2017Blog

Referring to a car sharing marketplace. Turo allows owners to rent their cars to travelers who are visiting the city or the province. For all those who plan to earn a little extra bucks, turo insurance in Mississuaga allows vehicle owners to rent their cars without stressing about the damages. Nevertheless, before renting your vehicle/s on turo, it is essential to apply for turo insurance in Mississauga. This article throws light on the different plans and coverage for turo insurance in Mississauga.

One of the first step whilst selecting the best turo insurance in Mississauga is to study and compare the different insurance policies and coverage offered by brokers in Mississauga. Once you have a clear idea of the offerings, it becomes easier to choose the best turo insurance that provides maximum coverage and other added benefits.  The following are covered under turo insurance in Mississauga:

Physical injury and property damage to third parties – The basic turo insurance plan in Mississauga provides minimum liability coverage prerequisite by the state where the car is listed. On the other hand, the premium plan offers a $1,000,000 combined single limit. Never confuse Turo insurance coverage as the primary coverage plan; it is secondary to any other policies you already have.

Physical Damage protection includes:

  • Collision – When two vehicles hit each other, or when a single vehicle hits an object.
  • Comprehensive Damage – Damage other than a collision, such as theft, vandalism, fire, animal impacts, falling objects and turns of nature.

As stated earlier, since turo coverage is secondary, they serve as an additional package to the ongoing coverage the guest has. This means that the principal guest is chiefly liable, but can also use other resources to fulfill the damage. This implies that the guest can use other sources to fulfill their obligations; in this case Turo will first collect the valid deductible directly from the guest, and then, if required, will seek compensation from the guest’s other sources to get the total amount of accountability.

In case you are planning to book a car in Mississauga where the host does not have insurance through registered Turo insurance partner, but is instead offering commercial rental liability insurance, the aforementioned doesn’t stand true.

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