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By December 30, 2017Blog

Turo is a car sharing service wherein a host can register himself or herself and rent out their car or cars to travelers and others in need.  With the demand of Turo having crossed all limits, if you are planning to rent your car on Turo, do take the turo insurance in Oakville. Turo insurance in Oakville will keep you secure in case of any bodily damage or physical injury to someone else.

Before applying for Turo, is best advised to do a detailed research for turo insurance in Oakville. One can start to start by matching different Turo commercial coverage options in order to make sure that you safely protect your car or vehicles. It is important to have a fair understanding of the different plans and coverage for turo insurance in Oakville.

The Basic Type of Turo Insurance Packages for Host and Primary Guest:

Turo insurance in Oakville provide primary liability coverage. It covers physical damage to your car. The insurance amount is exclusive of deductible for the premium and standard host protection plans and does not provide any coverage to hosts who are not utilizing a Turo protection plan.

Premium Package: This plan covers physical damage to the car for up to the actual cash value of the car. However, the insurance coverage is secondary to all the other insurances you have. It is important to note that the supplemental liability coverage does not demand any deductibles for physical damage protection even after the primary insurance has exhausted. The guest package does not have any coverage for mechanical or interior damage.

Basic Package: The basic turo insurance in Oakville comprise of minimum liability coverage as required by the state where the car is listed and demands a physical damage deductible.

Decline Coverage: This type of coverage is same as basic package, however it does not offer protection for physical damage. In this case, the guest is liable to pay for any cost related to physical damage to the vehicle.

In case you have taken a car on rent which is not being utilized under Turo protection package, do ask the host about exclusions, coverage limits, and other applicable costs.


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