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Oakville is one of the most densely populated area making it the most preferred choice of the affluent people of Canada. Oakville is also home to manufacturing leaders like Dana, GE, and UTC. Head offices of TimHortons and Ford Canada is also located in Oakville. A commercial district, it is important for businesses to keep their property and employees protected with commercial insurance in Oakville. Commercial insurance in Oakville is reliable and caters to the needs of every business. The coverage offered by commercial insurance companies in Oakville are custom designed quality insurance coverage with outstanding customer care support.

List of best and most trustworthy commercial insurance companies in Oakville.

Oakville Insurance Brokers – Serving Oakville for over 50 years, Oakville Insurance Brokers is a trusted brokerage that specializes in providingpersonalized coverage plan along with comprehensive and cost effective solutions that protects business from physical and economical losses as well.

It provides business insurance solutions in the following areas:

  • Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  • Commercial Automobile Insurance
  • Buildings & Contents Insurance
  • Retail Store/Office Package Insurance
  • Professional Liability/ Errors & Omissions Insurance

The Co-operators – Having served Oakville’s businesses for over 65 years, the Co-operators  take pride in their is highly qualified and experienced  insurance advisors who are proficient in handling  questions pertaining to commercial insurance policy. They are well known for their Business Interruption Protection, and help with losses that disable the operations of your business.

It provides following commercial insurance in Oakville:

  • Crime and Fidelity Coverage – If your company has been unprotectedfrom employee dishonesty, and you have experienced loss of money or securities on the premises, the Co-operators focus on safeguarding against criminal occurrences.
  • Liability insurance – It assists businesses in cases wherein the product/services has caused damage or injury to a third party. Also it supports in cases wherein you are found legally responsible for causing damage or injury to another person or to their property.

All-Risks Insurance Brokers – With a team of RIBO licensed insurance brokers, All-Risks Insurance Brokers provide a comprehensive range of health, casualty, life, property, and investment products & services.

It provides following commercial insurance in Oakville:

  • Packages for Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Operations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance
  • Directors and Officers
  • Farm & Agricultural
  • Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions
  • Individual & Fleet Rated Commercial Automobile
  • US Locations & Liability
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