Enjoy low premium rates on Uber Passenger Insurance in May

By May 10, 2017Blog

It is mandatory to buy Uber passenger insurance in May if you are renting out your car to Uber. Without this insurance, Uber would not consider your application to offer your vehicle to them for rent. It is true that premium for Uber passenger insurance in May is expensive but if you know the way around, you can enjoy a lower premium rate.

Clean Driving Record

The first thing that would take you closer to a lower rate of premium is your clean driving record. You must have earned the tag of a safe and secure driver. People with more years of driving experience also enjoy low premium rate provided they were not slapped with traffic tickets or caused any accident in the past.

High-Quality Driver Certificate

If you can get yourself a certificate stating that you are a high-quality driver, you would enjoy a lower premium rate. In order to get the same, you need to take driving classes from any of the defensive driving schools. If you show the certificate to the insurance service provider, you would be offered a discount.

Get Quotes from Various Insurance Companies

There are various insurance service providers in May. Check with each of them and ask for their quotes and also let every company know that you are comparing rates. This way, every service provider would want to make you their client and shall offer you a discount in the process. Another way to enjoy low premium rate is to pay a lump sum amount to the insurance company in the beginning itself.

Cars with Safety Features

Some cars get to enjoy low premium rates due to the safety feature in them. So, either you should buy a car with more safety features or install some on your own in the car and enjoy to pay less premium.

It is a must to have passenger insurance along with car and driver insurance to ensure that everything is covered and would be reimbursed in case an unfortunate incident occurs. Insurance lets people drive and ride a car with peace of mind. Driving without insurance is illegal and one can be prosecuted for not having insurance.

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