Five types of Handyman Contractors Insurance in Oakville

By November 23, 2016Blog

Handyman services are unavoidable for home and business owners. If you’re a handyman who offers fast and reliable repair to customers, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that your business is safeguarded against claims. The best and the easiest way to ensure your safety is to get handyman contractors insurance in Oakville.

You can find the right one based on your need and requirement.There are 5 types of insurance protection handyman contractors in insurance to choose from:

Asset Protection

Tools and equipment are essential for any handyman service provider and perhaps your biggest asset. You should opt for property insurance to cover these assets. If you own a business building or office, ensure that you avail insurance coverage for all business equipment that you own.

General Liability

Safeguarding your handyman business means protecting it from the lawsuits against claims or mistakes. By availing general liability insurance, you can potentially reduce some of the risks related to lawsuits registered against your business. This is essential to provide protection to your business.

Commercial Auto

Handymen are required to travel from place to place to offer “service-next door”. Therefore, it is essential for them to avail commercial auto insurance. This insurance offers protection against all types of the risks associated with operating your auto/vehicle that includes liability risk to prevent against accident claims. In addition, with property insurance, you can minimize the loss to your vehicle and the tools or other systems you keep on board. If you need specific liability requirements legally, you may consider getting collision coverage, and specialty riders for high-end valuables.

Workers’ Compensation

Those who run their business with a single handyman might not need compensation. However, if you’ve a team of workers, workers compensation becomes a necessity and you may be required under state laws to have it. As such, this insurance safeguards your business from claims reported against you in effect to your employee injury or illness. It is an important part of your business and must be treated carefully.

Professional Liability

This type of umbrella insurance is a higher level of liability insurance and offers more protection against significant lawsuits. This greatly depends on the type of handyman services you offer and size of your operation. Accordingly, you may benefit from this coverage.

If you too are into the same business and looking for a reliable insurance company, you can contact contractors insurance OakvilleIt is the best way to take care of your business without spending unnecessary time.

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