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By November 1, 2017Blog

Turo refers to a car sharing marketplace where owners can rent travelers their car. If you plan to rent out your own vehicle or even a few other cars through Turo, it is best advised to do a detailed research for turo insurance in Vaughan. It is important to have a fair understanding of the different plans and coverage for turo insurance in Vaughan.

One can start to start by matching different Turo commercial coverage options in order to make sure that you safely protect your car or vehicles. It is also important to note that the standard auto insurance policy usually doesn’t cover the renters who hire your vehicle. In such cases, if you are planning to rent your car through turo, do discuss the turo insurance with your agent to ensure you’re well covered.

Turo Insurance in Vaughan – Standard and Premium policies

Usually turo insurance includes three different protection plans for renters; standard, the basic plan and the premium turo insurance plan. This allows owners to set their car with the insurance level they are comfortable with. The fee of turo insurance in Vaughan is deducted from the total trip cost, which means that the owner doesn’t actually have to pay anything out of his/her pocket.

The cost of the policy is directly related to the turo insurance plan opted for. Normally they cost 15% to 35% of the total trip cost. The turo insurance in Vaughan offer $1 million in collective, single-limit-per-occurrence reportage for hosts for physical injury and property damage to third parties during the rental time. This means that if in case the renter who has hired your car causes bodily injury to another person or to someone else’s property, the owner of the vehicle is covered for up to $1 million. Along with turo insurance in Vaughan, the owner also gets liability coverage during the delivery period.

Turo insurance in Vaughan provides coverage for exterior and interior damages. The owner of the vehicle gets physical damage cover for up to actual cash value of the vehicle for events that are marked as covered risk during the vehicle rental period.

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