Guidelines to getting Uber or Turo Insurance in Ottawa at Ease

By January 22, 2017Blog

It is a good thing that you have decided to rent your car to vehicle aggregators like Uber or Turo. However, before doing that you need to get Uber or Turo insurance in Ottawa. Your car would not be allowed to hit the road if it does not have commercial insurance. Moreover, it is also important to have your car insured for the safety of the driver, the passengers, and the car itself. Thus, it is a good idea to know all of the ways to get Uber or Turo insurance in Ottawa.

Getting a Commercial Car Licence

It is difficult to get commercial insurance for your car but not impossible. There are a few things that need to be done to get insurance coverage for your commercial vehicle. The first step is to get online and do research on the various companies offering insurance for commercial cars. Once you have shortlisted the best of the lot, the next step is to approach them and ask for quotes. You would be surprised to know how these companies would offer you the most affordable deal once they come to know that you are checking with their competitors as well.

Getting the Insurance Quotes

As soon as you have the quotes available to you, compare them with each other and find out the best deal among them. You need to choose the one that offers most of the things if not all that you are looking for.


The insurance coverage that you would choose must cover the driver, the passenger, and the car if anything has to happen. Choose the insurance company carefully based on their ability to fulfill a claim made. It would not be of any help if you took insurance from a company at a low premium rate but the same company is unable to pay you back when a claim is made.

Running a Background Check

The insurance company would run a background check when you go to them to buy insurance that would include your driving record as well as your credit score. Similarly, you need to also run a background check on the insurance company about their reputation in the market when it comes to settlement of the claims.

Enjoy Low Premium Rates

Most of the times people enjoy better discounts and deals from those insurance companies with whom they already have other insurances like home insurance, life insurance, etc. You can also check with your insurance service provider if they deal in commercial car insurance also. If they do, you can enjoy a good discount on the premium rates.

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