Insurance For High Risk Drivers Ontario

Getting insurance coverage for high-risk drivers can be challenging, but it’s possible. High-risk auto insurance is a type of coverage for high-risk drivers. If you are a high-risk driver, this short guide will help as you start your search.

What Is High-Risk Car Insurance?

High-risk auto insurance is a type of coverage meant for drivers who don’t have good driving record. These policyholders are identified as high-risk drivers because they’re considered more likely to have an accident.

What Makes You A High-Risk Driver?

Driving Records – Your driving records play a significant role in the type of auto insurance you get. If your driving record includes overspeeding tickets or violations, insurance companies see you as a high-risk driver.

Claims History – Your claims history also plays a significant role in the type of auto insurance you get. If you have several claims on your record, insurance companies will consider you as a high-risk driver because they assume you are more likely to have another claim in the future.

Credit History – Your credit score history will be considered when getting auto insurance. Insurance companies always believe that people with bad credit scores are more likely to file a claim or get into an accident. Drivers with a poor credit history are often put in the high-risk category.

PIP Claims – If you have prior personal injury protection claims, insurance companies will consider you high risk. In fact, some insurers may not grant you insurance coverage if you have PIP claims on your record.

How Do Insurance Companies Calculate Your Risk?

Your driving record is the first thing insurance companies assess when determining your driving risk. Those who have accidents or infractions on their driving records will be considered a higher risk.

Insurance companies will also consider your commute. The longer you drive your car, the higher the possibility you will get into an accident. Your marital status and age will also impact your insurance quote. The younger the driver, the more inexperienced they are thought to be.

Where Can High-Risk Drivers Get An Insurance Policy?

Most insurance companies have insurance policies for high-risk drivers but not all. Since your risk is assessed using your driving record, you may want to shop around to see which company offers the best coverage.

Depending on your infractions, some insurance companies may refuse to offer the coverage, but most insurers will offer high-risk auto insurance at a high premium rate.

Contact Insurance Hero For High-Risk Insurance In Ontario

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Insurance For High Risk Drivers Ontario