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For this example, I plugged in the SEMrush website to examine the keywords they are currently ranking for. If you know the current state of SEO, you know just how important long-tail keywords and low-competition keywords are. In fact, SEMrush has the largest keyword database in the industry and you can easily obtain thousands of keyword variations for your target keywords.

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  • It routes all traffic through a proxy to determine the identity of a user and what internal data they’re allowed to access in the given context.
  • Criminals routinely buy and sell Remote Desktop credentials in criminal markets such as xDedic.
  • Criminals, aware of the valuable information in the possession of businesses like Joe’s, are also keen to remotely access this data.
  • Pricing is driven by where the server is located, what software it’s running, and other attributes that signal its value to the criminal marketplace.

Lightshot allows you not only take screenshots easily, but also customize them, edit them, and share them with a simple yet effective platform. Once you take a screenshot with Lightshot it quickly uploads it to the server and provides you with a link immediately. This screenshot tool can dramatically cut down the time it takes to convey critical information or identify marketing opportunities and share them with your team.

I use it to find new keyword opportunities, do backlink analysis, fix site issues, and to spy on competitors’ keywords. In this post, I’ll compare two of the most popular SEO tools and see how they compete against each other on features, ease-of-use, and pricing. With tools such as SEMrush and Moz, you get to take your SEO game up a notch and come out with truly astounding results for your blog, business, and clients. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably deciding whether to invest in one of these SEO tools. You may have tried the free version of one of these or both these SEO tools and are now considering whether it’s worth upgrading to the full version.

Wayback Machine is a 100% free tool that’s perfect for uncovering historical website data. You can even pull up lots of old robots.txt files on virtually any website for in-depth analysis. This tool can even help you make more sales, increase sales volume, and track your performance over time.

This is a great tool for benchmarking your progress over time and keeping pace with your competitors. If you want to make on-page SEO configuration easier, the Structured Data Testing Tool from Google is one of the most useful and intuitive options to do just that. You can even edit the code within the tool to make it perform to your exact specifications, helping you troubleshoot your on-page data and perform competitive analysis with ease Adobe Reader DC download Windows. Detailed is a free link analysis tool that enables people to find the top backlinks to some of the biggest sites on the web.

It breaks down the structure and content of your site and gives you recommendations based on accessibility and usability. Basically, it’s a quick analysis of your site from a search engine’s point of view. It’s a “right out of the box” tool for beginners that makes it easy to optimize your images, content, and descriptions as well as create XML sitemaps and other nifty SEO tools.

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For about 8 months after starting Startup Cafe Digital , I thought I could get away with using free SEO tools to advance my business as well as blogging aspirations. Type in “roofer in New York” and it will generate dozens of suggested keywords that customers might be searching for. We’ve already mentioned Google Keyword planner, but there are plenty of tools that help take your keyword game even further.

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