Overcoming the obstacles of getting driver’s insurance in Kingston

By January 12, 2017Blog

Getting car insurance in Canada is next to impossible for even Canadians with years of experience of driving on the national roads. So, it is not surprising that getting Driver’s Insurance in Kingston for new drivers or emigrants and visitors from other countries, would be extremely difficult. A person may have several years of driving experience anywhere in the world, but he would still be considered a beginner when he intends to drive in Canada. All these only suggest that obtaining driver’s insurance in Kingston is going to be a time-consuming affair.

Reasons for difficulty in obtaining driver’s license

What makes things excessively difficult is that neither are you granted insurance, nor are you considered as an experienced driver in Canada. Both of these can make anybody frustrated. Everybody, from a new Canadian restaurant, to a young driver or an inexperienced driver is considered a first-time driver by Canadian authority. They consider all these people to be high-risk drivers because they lack the experience of driving on Canadian roads, more so, since they do not know the rules and regulations of driving here. This additionally makes the premium rates higher on insurance coverage.

Keep yourself updated

However, there are still ways to save some money. You may not need to pay such high premiums if you are aware of things. For instance, you must know everything that relates to driving and insurance in Kingston. Since rules and regulations differ from place to place. However, having a third-party liability coverage is a must everywhere. This is to ensure that you are not made liable in the event of causing an accident and injuring another driver, passenger, pedestrian or even damaging property.

The Hardships

You may not have caused any accident nor any violation of law, yet you need to pay a high premium for just being new and wanting to drive in Canada. This is all due to their pre-conceived notion of you being a risky driver. This only helps the insurance companies in a considerable way. They get to earn a lot of money through this. Since Canadian authority considers you a risk-driver, insurance companies get away by saying that they need to pay huge money in compensation if you happen to cause any accident. Thus, they charge a huge premium for car insurance coverage. Figures show that every new driver in Canada spends 50.3% of their total disposable income on getting their car insured.

Finding a Solution

There are certain ways that can help you to be lucky in Kingston. For example, if you are able to bag a Letter of Experience or even a Driver Abstract in case you have experience driving elsewhere, you can get a driver’s license a bit easily. Better if you have a license already, you may get credit for driving experience elsewhere. The insurer can see your record thereby paving ways for you to enjoy low premium rates on buying insurance for your car.

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