Save on your Truck and Van Insurance in Kitchener

By November 5, 2016Blog

Are you a plasterer or a plumber, a fishmonger or a florist? Whatever business you own, one thing common among all these businesses is the VAN or Truck you use to commute from one location to other. Hence, your vehicle is an important asset for your business and you really need to protect them from accidents or other claims. For instance, if your truck was stolen or your van met with an accident, your business could grind to a halt. To deal with such emergencies, businesses often avail truck and van insurance in Kitchener.

However, getting vehicle insurance covered sometimes cost businesses a lot. So, before you cough up for vehicle insurance cover, read on these tips that could help you save some cash on your truck or van insurance.

Build up your vehicle’s No Claim Bonus (NCB)

For each year you go without claiming, you’ll build up a no-claims bonus worth every year. The longer you go without making any claim, the safer your driver is considered by the insurers. In such a case, often insurance companies offer services to transfer your NCB from your vehicle insurance policy.

Raise your voluntary excess

Your excess is the amount that any insurer subtracts from any payment before it gets to you. However, the voluntary excess can be tweaked. This means that the more the excess, the fewer your premiums tend to be. This further indicates that if you make any claims in the future, they will likely to have a lower payout.

Pay for your insurance yearly

While the option of paying policy monthly can be more convenient for businesses, it’ll cost them more in the long run.When you pay off your policy in one go, it usually dodges the direct debit costs, thus bringing the overall price down.

Declare what you use the vehicle for accurately

If you use you van or truck for personal use only, make sure to tell your insurer clearly. As you’re not carrying around valuable goods for business, this may get you reduction in the insurance premium.Therefore, it’s always best to be true about how you use your vehicle. This, in turn, ensures that you have the most suitable cover for your needs.

Make your Vehicle more secure

This is the best way to save on your Van/Truck insurance. The higher the level of your vehicle’s security, it is less likely to be stolen. As a result, this could minimize your insurance prices. You can add a steering lock or fit-in an alarm, immobilizer, and tracker to ensure enhances security.

When it comes to getting your vehicle insured, consult a reliable truck and van insurance company in Kitchener to help you make the best decision.

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