Things to Know Before Buying Car/Auto Insurance

By November 7, 2016Blog

As soon as you purchase a car, it becomes mandatory to buy car/auto insurance as well. Moreover, you ought to renew it when required. This step is taken to ensure the security and protection of your investment as well as the safety of the driver, the passengers and the pedestrians. Along with getting a car/auto insurance in Ottawa one must get insurance for oneself too.  Although this does not make you immune to accident but surely  helps to cope up with loss and injuries, since you and your car are covered by insurance.

Get Your Car Insured after Acquiring Proper Knowledge on the Following Things:

Choice of Insurance Policy

There are several kinds of insurance policies available for cars. Thus, it is vital to know what kind of insurance you are being offered for your car. Policies range from liability coverage, collision coverage to comprehensive coverage, etc. You need to make a decision based on your requirements.

Amount of Premium

The amount of premium varies with the type of insurance policy and the car model. This makes it important to choose your insurance policy carefully so that you can pay your premium without getting into any kind of financial trouble.

Save on Premium

There are various ways to save on premium amount as well. Find out the details as per your place of residence, about how to have a reduced premium amount without compromising on the type of policy.

Know the Amount of Insurance Coverage

Most of the insurance policies do not give full coverage. Moreover, the amount of insurance money you are liable to get depends on your policy and the premium you pay.  Thus, you need to know how much money you are supposed to get if your car is damaged in an accident. This would help you to be prepared and save some extra money in case of some mishap.

Know the Refund Initiation Period

Before buying an insurance from a particular service provider, check with them how long you have to wait to claim the insurance in case of an accident and the damages caused due to it. Do not opt for any policy that will make you to wait too long.

Service Delivery

Apart from choosing the kind of car/auto insurance you want to buy, choose your insurer carefully as well. Check the kind of after sales service you would get in time of need. Ideally, you must get insurance from a company that offers 24/7 assistance.

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