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Are you one of those who is constantly forgetting small things and occasions? A majority of our population face a continuous decline in their memory as they begin to age. Solving crossword puzzles also has a positive effect on your collaborative cruciverbalism.

But these grids can be customized by exchanging tiles. This is where Wordoku shines because anyone who has played a word game knows that being able to change even a single letter can be exciting. Each day brings a new assortment of word, logic, number and picture puzzles to complete.

Solving a daily crossword puzzle is a great way to exercise their brain and keep their memory sharp. Puzzles can also help in keeping a variety of memory-related neurological diseases including dementia, Alzheimer’s, and more. Taking some time to solve a crossword puzzle every day can have a significant impact on your memory.

Solve arrowword, crossword, sudoku and takuzu puzzles right on your smartphone or tablet. When you hear the word Minesweeper, your mind probably wanders to the 90’s Microsoft game. Individuals who have used the operating system since its inception identify the game as one of its iconic elements. Although Minesweeper didn’t begin with Microsoft, and you can still relive those precious moments today through multiple game apps.

And once you have successfully solved it, you get new confidence and vigor to take your real-life problems head-on. It was the dopamine being released into your brain that causes such an intense feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness. You do not have to solve extremely difficult and complicated puzzles or make a huge breakthrough, even a simple puzzle can boost the dopamine production in your brain.

One player starts a five-minute timer and all players flip over their tiles to see what letters they have to work with. Each player attempts to create two to four letter words in each row and column of their four by four grid.

  • Crossword puzzle creators use complicated, rare, and unused words with the sole purpose of leaving you puzzled.
  • The entire process of forcing our brain to think smartly and solve the problems as fast as we can equip our empirical mind with creative capabilities.
  • The results are a more socially open, acceptable, and friendly individual who can bond immediately with others.
  • The total process forces us to be more innovative, more creative, and more precognitive.
  • Aubrey Rinehart shows you how these apps work and how they can help you relax after a stressful day.

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So, you might be thinking what exactly is collaborative cruciverbalism? It is one’s ability to think creatively and in an enhanced and strategic fashion when working in a group. Crossword is one of the most productive and efficient ways to pass some time. There is nothing that can beat the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment which comes from solving an especially hard puzzle. Not only it is an entertaining and fun hobby but can also do wonders for your mental health.

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Logic puzzle games are an excellent way to keep your mind sharp. Still, with such a multitude of them available, it’s next to impossible to pick the right one for you. Check out some of our tips that will help you find the perfect game for your little grey cells.

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They bend our brain in a variety of different ways, forcing us to think outside the box. Solving a daily crossword puzzle is no easy task, there are a lot of trial and errors. It forces us to formulate new and eccentric theories and test them to check whether we are correct or not.

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