Our Expert Drivers



Experienced Driver


  • G licence driver
  • Many years of driving experience
  • No accidents, No tickets

$127 / month



Overseas Driving Experience


  • Recently arrived in Canada
  • We considered his driving experience outside Canada
  • Purchased his first car
  • Combined his tenant and auto insurance for extra discounts
  • Has an Ontario Drivers’ Licence

$215 / month


Expert Young Driver


  • G2 licence driver
  • Driver Training Certificate
  • Purchased his first car
  • Installed a driving monitoring device

$152 / month



This is what sets us apart.


Exceptional service




Cultural understanding

Multiple language proficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an insurance broker do for you?

An insurance broker is someone who specializes in insurance that searches through several insurance companies and their policies, reads the fine print and looks for the policies that meet their clients’ coverage needs and budgets. Basically, hiring an insurance broker is hiring an insurance expert to do the shopping around of insurance for you.

How to find an insurance broker?

The best way to find a broker is to ask around, search for reviews online and do some research on brokers you’re interested in. The good news is, you’ve already found the right brokers!

Should I use an insurance broker?

We may be biased but we believe you should. A broker works for you, not the insurance companies. You wouldn’t buy a home without an inspection, a used car without getting a mechanic to look at it or go to court without a lawyer.

Buying insurance to cover you when you need it most is no different. It’s important to have an expert present you with options and find a policy that fully protects you and doesn’t require you to pay for coverage you don’t need.

What makes a good insurance broker?

What makes a good insurance broker is the service they provide. The best brokers are available, transparent, clearly communicate your coverage to you, truly care about making sure that you’re protected and will support and represent you if you need to make a claim.

Can I buy insurance over the phone?

Yes, at Levitt we can provide you with insurance over the phone or, better yet, with our online tool you can click, compare, save and be insured in minutes.

What is important to know when I choose the insurance company I want to go with?

It’s important to know an insurance company’s history, claim-payment reputation and area of expertise before making a final decision. You may also want to consider the price, coverage being offered and any discounts available.

How much does insurance cost?

Cost for insurance depends on a number of factors including:

  • The type of policy
  • What’s being insured and its value
  • Coverage limits and deductibles
  • The type of coverage (e.g., comprehensive vs. liability)
  • The neighbourhood you live in
  • How old your home/building/business/vehicle is
  • How long you’ve been living in your home, have been in business or have been driving for
  • Previous claims and past insurance history

Can I get a discount for combining my property and auto insurance?

No, but there are several ways you can get a discount on both home and auto insurance. Visit our Knowledge page FAQs for more information.



In the past 4 years I've been using Levitt Insurance Brokers. Their team always do an amazing work to find the best rates for all my insurances. Even if I compare the rates I have using my employer group insurance and benefits, Levitt always find a better rate. But they are not only for that, but for keeping a constantly communication with me. They send emails or letters if my insurance goes up and immediately they tray find a better option. At the end Levitt is not only an Insurance Brokerage company, they are advisors with focus on their clients. I've recommended them to many friends and all of them had a great level of service.

Marco Papaleo

I needed a professional insurance company to issue coverage for my condominium. Levitt did an excellent job and delivered. Not only were they great as a service provider, but they were also excellent when meeting short deadlines, which in my particular case was required. I would highly recommend Levitt Insurance Brokers Ltd. to other buyers in Canada and overseas.

Gabriel Jabbour

I needed a quick insurance for my car and condominium, and on the same day I contacted Levitt Insurance I got every thing done with a professional way and the price I got was the best I can achieve. Levitt Insurance also has a very good and friendly customer service and kept following my insurance policy continuously. I highly recommend Levitt insurance Brokers.

Mohammad Al Aghbar

I was really impressed with Levitt’s team during my car accident claim process and especially with Marcel’s help, who went beyond his duties and took a big part of my burden, then personally finished the rest of the process in a timely manner. You cannot go wrong with their professional guidance, because there will be few times in your life when you'll realize that you need more than an ordinary service.


I have been dealing with Levitt insurance Brokers for several years now. Comparing to the previous insurance brokers I dealt with prior to, Levitt is by far the best one ever. They go above and beyond the call of duty and twice as fast as other insurance brokers. Great job!

Gideon Toyota

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CSIO Technology Leader 2017

We have been recognized as a CSIO Technology Leader for scoring 100% on the CSIO Technology Scorecard.

“As a CSIO Technology Leader, Levitt Insurance Brokers has demonstrated its leadership and commitment to adopting the latest technology standards and solutions to enhance the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel.” – Catherine Smola, President CSIO