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Robust protection that fits you like a glove – that’s our goal. Insuring your home just makes sense. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Your lifestyle is your own. Your needs are unique. A generic home insurance, condo insurance or townhome insurance policy just isn’t going to cut it. At Levitt, we understand that and help you tailor your protection to your lifestyle and specific needs. Get quotes fast. Get protection now.

Choosing Your Insurance Coverage

Buying home insurance is complicated and confusing. It’s time consuming. It’s stressful. It can require an enormous investment of time just considering the different options out there. We make it easy.

We offer protection for your house, its content and for you and your family. Whether you live in a single-family home, a townhome, or a condo, Levitt has decades of experience to put to work on your behalf. In addition, we do more than just inform you about your options. It can be tough to even understand what sort of coverage is needed, as well as what’s protected and what’s not. That’s why we offer guidance through the murky world of home insurance.

Whether you need to ask questions about the amount of coverage for your home’s contents, how much liability protection is offered, or something else, we make it fast, simple and expedient. We work with leading insurers throughout Ontario to enable you to choose the perfect insurance product for your needs.

Your Home and Lifestyle

You might live in a detached, single-family home. You might live in a condominium or a townhome. You might need protection for your vacation cottage. Your needs are very different from anyone else’s. It’s crucial that you get the right insurance protection and are able to choose a policy that reflects your lifestyle. We can help.

From rented dwelling insurance to traditional home insurance and everything in between, Levitt Insurance Brokers provides the fastest, simplest, easiest path to getting a custom home insurance quote for your exact needs.

Let us help protect the things that matter most in your life. Get a quote now, and compare insurance options in just seconds. Recommend Levitt to your friends and family who need insurance, as well.


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