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landlord insuranceProtecting your rental is as easy as working with Levitt Insurance Brokers. Quote, compare, buy. It’s that easy with our powerful technology. Whether you’re in need of protection for your belongings, furnishings and electronics within a rental property, or are a landlord in need of protection for the rental itself, Levitt can help.

For Renters

Renting a home is becoming an increasingly popular option. It allows you to maintain a degree of freedom and autonomy without being tied to a property for decades. It also offers the ability to live just about anywhere you want, from Toronto to Kitchener and everywhere in between. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your landlord’s insurance will protect your belongings. It won’t.

You need a renter’s insurance policy to ensure that your clothing, electronics, furniture, artwork and other possessions are protected in the case of accident, disaster or theft. Anything less is no protection at all. At Levitt Insurance Brokers, we have decades of experience working with renters throughout Ontario to ensure they are able to get the ideal level of protection for their specific situation.

For Landlords

As a landlord, you have significant needs in terms of protection. You need to ensure that the physical structure is protected. You need to ensure that related facilities and features, from walkways and paths to pools, pool houses, laundry facilities and more are protected. Not only do you need to insure against threats of natural disaster such as fires, but you also need to protect against vandalism, theft and other human threats.

Levitt can help – we’ve spent years working with Ontario landlords to ensure they have the best level of protection for their properties, from garage apartments to entire luxury properties.

Why Levitt?

Why choose Levitt Insurance Brokers for your tenant or landlord insurance? Simply put, we ensure that you have the fastest, smoothest path possible, as well as the means to compare multiple insurance quotes from leading insurers in just seconds. Click, compare, buy – that’s all there is to it. We save you time, but are also dedicated to ensuring that you’re able to save money without sacrificing coverage or protection.

Get a quote on your tenant or landlord insurance needs today. And don’t forget to recommend us to family, friends and others in need of insurance coverage, when you’re happy with what we deliver!


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