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insurance protectionInsurance your way, at the speed of life.

Get quotes on auto, home, or business insurance in seconds. Get the perfect fit for your needs with our powerful tools. Click, compare, save. It can truly be that simple with Levitt.

It’s All About You

It’s difficult to think of something more personal, more in need of customization, than insurance. All too often, people are forced into pigeonholes. You’re THIS type of driver. You own THIS type of home. You drive THIS type of car. It shouldn’t be that way, and at Levitt, we ensure that it isn’t. Work with us and discover just how personal insurance can actually be.

Protecting the Important Things in Your Life

At Levitt, we’re not in the insurance business. We’re in the business of helping you protect what matters most. It’s about peace of mind, and having someone there when you need them. Our goal is to ensure that you’re able to get the perfect insurance policy for your individual needs. The key word there is “individual.” You shouldn’t be slotted into a preexisting category. You’re not a robot, and your insurance shouldn’t be structured as though you were. We can help.

Your Needs – Covered

Everyone needs a different level of protection unique to their specific requirements, situation, and budget. We cover your needs and more. We do so quickly, and conveniently, with an emphasis on speed. It literally takes seconds to compare multiple quotes from the leading Canadian insurers with whom we partner. Don’t you deserve that convenience?

Make Insurers Compete for Your Business

As the customer, you’re the single most important part of the equation. Why should you be forced to jump through hoops or spend immense amounts of time trying to measure up to insurance company expectations? We turn the tables on this situation and make insurance companies compete for your business. We have the ideal tool, allowing you to compare, contrast, buy and obtain insurance in seconds, without leaving the comfort of your home, or even having to speak with us in person.

Whether you’re a new driver, an expat looking for coverage, a small business owner concerned about your liability or something completely different, Levitt has the solution you deserve. We’ve been there before, and we understand your needs. Let us put the power of our systems to work on your behalf, providing vital insurance protection in mere seconds.

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