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There are nearly 1.4 million citizens living in Canada’s capital city. Ottawa is the hub of the nation’s federal political life and most of its citizens have insurance needs. 

At some point, Ottawa residents will look for homeowners, tenant’s, auto, commercial vehicle, travel, contractor or business insurance. A 2013 report indicates that some of the most educated people in Canada live in the capital city. No doubt, residents will be savvy about the way they shop for their insurance needs, too. 

Ottawa Ontario is the fifth largest city in Canada with two major highways servicing it. The city is also connected to the province’s 400 series highway network. 

According to the 2016 census, both the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa-Gatineau census metropolitan area (CMA) grew at a faster rate than both Ontario (4.6%) and Canada (5%) from 2011 to 2016.

Car and Auto Insurance

It’s the law in Ontario that all vehicle owners have current car insurance coverage. It stands to reason, then, that drivers would choose one of the most well-respected insurance companies in the province for their vehicle insurance needs — Levitt Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Many demographics are considered when a driver applies for car insurance. Some of these can include:

    • Age and gender of a driver;
    • Where a driver lives;
    • Type and age of vehicle(s) being insured;
    • Driving history;
    • Driving activity;
    • Time spent driving;
    • Driving for personal or business reasons;
    • Number of accidents;
    • General driving behaviours.

Drivers want to get vehicle insurance quickly and there’s no quicker and easier way than by a simple on-line click that Levitt offers to get your insurance quote. You will receive the right insurance package for your specific needs since we work with leading car insurance companies in Canada.

We have vast experience in fashioning individual packages for drivers and we regularly work with:

    • Experienced drivers;
    • Young drivers;
    • Drivers who are new to Canada with no driving experience in the country;
    • Drivers who have had tickets;
    • Drivers who have had accidents.

We also offer insurance for a number of motorized vehicles including business and commercial vehicles, sports cars, motorcycles and buses, to name a few.

Home Insurance

Your home is your sanctuary; it’s the place where you make many of your cherished memories. Having the right home insurance will give you peace of mind that your home and its precious contents are protected. At Levitt, we don’t use a cookie cutter approach to insurance.

Your home insurance needs are as unique as you and your home are and we understand that. We will ensure your insurance package fits your lifestyle, ensure you get the best insurance quotes quickly, and ensure you get protection right away. We can also offer protection for your home away from home — your cottage.

Ottawa residents have various types of accommodations. Some people live in single-family homes, while others live in condominiums, townhomes or rentals.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions

You might not know what type of coverage you need and that is something we can help you with. Home insurance can be confusing, but it needn’t be.

 At Levitt, we have decades of experience and we will help you choose the plan that offers protection for your home, your belongings and for you and your family. We work with leading insurers in the province to help you to choose the right home insurance plan.

We will answer any questions you might have, including those regarding the amount of coverage you are likely to need and about liability protection. Essentially, we will help you to protect those things that matter most to you and your family.

Tenant And Landlord Insurance

Both landlords and tenants want to protect their properties and their possessions. At Levitt we offer tailored insurance packages for both tenants and landlords

We have the technology that allows you to get your insurance quotes, compare, and buy the best protection for your specific needs. 

If You Are A Renter…

Some Ottawa residents rent or lease the place in which they live, rather than to purchase. As a renter, you don’t have to shell out money for the upkeep or the property, nor will you have recurring expenses like taxes, maintenance and repairs. 

But you still want to make sure your possessions — such as clothing, furniture, electronics, artwork and personal mementos — are protected in the case of a disaster, an accident or of theft. Your landlord’s insurance won’t protect your belongings in these cases.

As a renter, when you work with us at Levitt, we can help you to decide what the right level of protection is for you and your lifestyle.  

If You Are An Owner or Landlord…

Owners need to protect the physical structure of their rental properties. As a landlord/owner your property and all its other facilities like walkways, paths, pools, pool houses, and laundry areas are protected against natural disasters such as fires as well as from vandalism, theft and other threats.

At Levitt we have many years working with property owners/landlords and we will ensure you get the best protection possible for your investment(s). We have worked with those who rent single family homes, to those who own apartment complexes.

Contractors Insurance

Within minutes, our Ottawa Insurance Brokers can provide contractors with insurance to make sure their liability is reduced and to ensure their tools and equipment are also protected. 

As a contractor you have many types of insurance coverage available to you and choosing the right coverage might seem complex and confusing. That’s where we at Levitt come in. We will help in coming up with a comprehensive contractors insurance plan to cover your needs — whether you’re a general contractor or a subcontractor with your own crew.

At Levitt Insurance Brokers Ltd, we also offer other types of commercial coverage such as travel insurance, truck and van insurance and business insurance.

Get A Quick Quote From Us

Whatever your insurance needs are, we invite you to get a quote from us at Levitt Ottawa Insurance Brokers. We work with a myriad of leading insurers to get the protection and coverage that’s right for you.


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