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uber insurance in VaughanRide sharing services have skyrocketed in popularity today. They offer a convenient way to get where you’re going without the need to work with a cab company. They’re also a popular part of the “gig economy”, and many drivers have found that they can earn a very good living using their personal vehicle as a driver. Of course, there’s a challenge here – finding affordable Uber or Turo insurance.

The Problem with Insurance

Uber, Turo and other ridesharing platforms are definitely popular, but they can be challenging. That doesn’t only apply to passengers – it also applies to drivers. The real issue here is that because you’re using your vehicle for a commercial purpose (you’re essentially operating as a business), your personal car insurance won’t be enough if an accident were to happen. However, you’re also not a full-fledged business. That means there’s an immense gap between personal and commercial car insurance. Having Turo or Uber insurance will give you the necessary protection you need.

You might think that the best course of action is to simply not alert your insurer to the fact that you’re part of a ridesharing program, but that’s a bad idea. As soon as something happens, whether it’s a fender-bender or a more serious accident, you’ll find yourself in hot legal water and responsible for the bill. The insurer will deny your claim and drop your policy fast enough to make your head spin.

But, what about Uber’s own coverage? Uber claims to protect both passengers and drivers, but that’s not actually true. In fact, Canadian law requires that YOU have insurance to cover everything as a commercial driver.

What’s the answer? Working with Levitt.

We specialize in helping our customers find the ideal auto insurance for their needs, and that includes Uber or Turo insurance. Uber insurance does exist, and it provides the right blend of protection and affordability needed by rideshare drivers.

We work with reputable insurers throughout Canada, and we have extensive experience in the Uber and Turo insurance area. Not only does that ensure expert guidance through this murky area, but it means you’re able to get the protection you and your passengers need fast, while saving a great deal of money. That’s a particularly important point, considering the fact that commercial car insurance can be very high in urban areas and also if your driving record isn’t spotless.

Get a quote on Uber or Turo insurance with Levitt today. It takes mere seconds. And recommend Levitt to friends, other Uber or Turo drivers, and family in need of insurance. We provide Turo and Uber insurance in Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga and Oakville and across all of southern Ontario.


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