Contractors General Liability Insurance



Contractors need insurance protection to ensure their liability is reduced, their tools and equipment are protected, and for many other reasons. However, finding contractor insurance policies and then comparing them can be both time consuming and confusing. You have clients to satisfy, and no time to waste searching for the right level of protection. Levitt Insurance Brokers simplifies the situation, giving you the ability to find the ideal amount of contractor insurance for your needs within just minutes.

What’s included

Choose from $1Mil, $2Mil or $5Mil Liability insurance
Completed Operations liability
Tools coverage (optional)
Office contents (optional)
Tenant coverage
Business Interruption (optional)
Crime coverage

What Contractors is this for

General Contractors
Flooring & Carpet
Kitchen, Bathroom & Cabinets
Windows & Doors

Not suitable for

Architects and Engineers
Tree Care and Removals
Pest Control
Home inspectors
Health and Safety consultants
Environmental Consultants

Many Types of Contractor Insurance

general contractorWhen it comes to contractor insurance, there are many different types on offer. You’ll need to know what you require before you even get started. For instance, are you a general contractor? Are you a subcontractor with your own crew? Do you need builder’s risk coverage? What about surety bonds? These are just a few of the myriad questions you’ll need to answer to ensure that you’re getting the right level of insurance protection for you, your clients and your crew. You’ll also need to consider whether you need primarily tools and liability coverage, or if you need building protection, contents coverage, loss of income protection and the like.

At Levitt, we provide you with the right tool for the job. Get multiple quotes in mere minutes from leading Canadian insurance companies that specialize in working with contractors small and large.

Our Advantages

At Levitt Insurance Brokers, we have decades of experience ensuring that contractors just like you are able to find the right protection for their businesses. However, we understand that one contractor may be nothing like another, with unique needs and requirements. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs, budget and plan for growth, ensuring that you have a long-term partner with whom to work for the duration. There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes from working with someone who understands your needs just as well as you do.

We invite you to get a quote today – it takes only a few seconds and we’ll deliver several quotes from leading insurers to help provide the protection and coverage you require. Make sure to recommend Levitt to other contractors, subcontractors and even friends and family in need of insurance.


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