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Levitt is one of the top insurance companies in Canada. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have access to the right type of insurance for your needs in a matter of seconds. Get a quote on home insurance, car insurance, motorcycle insurance, contractor insurance, and more with just a click of the mouse. We save you time and money, while delivering a level of personalization not found in our industry. Additionally, you can choose from an industry-leading range of insurance types, including the following:

stock-photo-78080269-woman-watching-the-sunset-in-a-convertible-car-Car/Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a crucial consideration no matter your age, or what type of vehicle you drive. We can help you obtain insurance for standard passenger vehicles, as well as for vans and trucks, motorcycles and even recreational vehicles. Whether you operate a business fleet, are a young driver, have no Canadian driving experience, or are a G2 driver, Levitt delivers results fast. Just click, and you’re done in seconds.

Home Insurance

Your home is the single largest investment you’ll make, and it’s crucial that you protect that investment. At Levitt, we understand your home is more than just another house. It’s your safe haven, your oasis. We can offer home, townhouse, and condo insurance to suit virtually any needs. Just three minutes yields three quotes from leading Canadian insurance companies.

stock-photo-62194168-hands-protecting-houseTenant/Landlord Insurance

Renting is becoming more and more common today, but that doesn’t lessen your need for protection. Whether you’re a renter or a landlord, we can provide quotes from leading insurers for tenant or landlord insurance.

Contractor Insurance

Contractors provide vital service for their clients, but they also need protection. Whether the threat is from a subcontractor or a client unable to pay, we provide you with the defense you need.

Business and Liability Insurance

Your business is your livelihood, and it can be threatened in any number of ways. We understand exactly how widespread those threats are, and how best to safeguard your business. Get quotes on business and liability insurance in seconds.

Travel Insurance

At Levitt, we can also offer a broad range of additional insurance types from leading Canadian insurance companies. From events insurance to errors and omissions protection, credit insurance to business interruption insurance, we can help.

We invite you to use our convenient online quote system – it takes only seconds to provide you with several insurance quotes. Don’t you deserve that peace of mind?

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