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Commercial Insurance Broker Hamilton

Securing your best interest and investments as a business owner with an all-inclusive commercial insurance plan is essential for guaranteeing you can undertake your daily work activities authoritatively. Levitt Insurance Brokers Ltd., over the years, has proven to be Hamilton, Ontario’s go-to commercial insurance broker if you’re looking for customized policies tailored to your unique needs and excellent customer service that goes beyond the norm.

Frequently Asked Questions

All businesses are different. Therefore, commercial insurance in Hamilton will look different across industries and companies themselves. However, at a minimum, business owners tend to purchase the following:


  1. General Liability Insurance: This type of insurance protects the policyholder if a third party is injured or dies as a consequence of their injuries or if their property is damaged. It covers legal fees as well as settlement costs.
  2. Directors' and officers' insurance: Provides financial protection to a company's officers and directors should they be individually labelled in a lawsuit or third-party claim alleging false representation, neglect, breach of legal or trustee obligations, failure to comply with laws and regulations, and other issues.

3. Professional liability Insurance: Protects professionals from allegations accusing financial losses as a consequence of a service they have received, as well as allegations of misconduct, neglect, errors, factual inaccuracies, and failure to provide the services promised.

Besides general liability insurance, directors' and officers' insurance, and professional liability insurance that we mentioned above, some other types of commercial insurance options that are available to business owners operating out of Hamilton, Ontario, include:

  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Provides coverage for all commercial vehicles specified in the policy. It protects a company in the event that its vehicle(s) are involved in a collision, impacted, vandalized, or stolen. It covers replacement costs, health care costs, and third-party property damage.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Legal expenses and harm associated with system blackouts, software application repair and recovery, legal, crime investigations, and infringement management costs are covered by this type of insurance.
  • Commercial Crime Liability Insurance: Commercial Crime insurance protects business owners from financial, security, and equity losses caused by employees.
  • Drone Insurance: Drone insurance can protect commercial drone professionals from third-party liabilities such as injuries or property damage, in addition to device coverage against theft or destruction.
  • Machinery breakdown insurance: This policy protects your equipment and instruments from internal failings and encompasses the expenses of replacement.

·  Commercial Property Coverage: Protects a company from damages arising from fire, theft, property destruction, and other variables. It safeguards the structure, supply, machines, equipment, and tools.

Commercial insurance coverage is entirely customizable to the unique needs of each business and business owner. Therefore, depending on the industry, you operate in, what your day-to-day activities include, as well as other factors. As such, commercial insurance can cover anything from your commercial fleet and cyber liability to errors and omissions and general liability. As a result, we recommend reaching out to the team at Levitt Insurance Brokers Ltd. for assistance from one of our experienced and knowledgeable brokers who can aid you in crafting an insurance policy you can feel rest assured with.

In order to apply for commercial insurance in Hamilton, Ontario, you must typically provide information about your business, such as its name, address, and contact information, as well as its legal structure, history, and estimated revenue. You must also indicate what kind of coverage you require and may be required to provide details about your company's safety and risk management initiatives. Furthermore, depending on the insurance company as well as the kind of coverage needed, there may be additional conditions that need to be met. Therefore, to find out the particular criteria, it's best to reach out to an insurance provider directly.

Yes, commercial insurance may be required for a home-based business. Although your homeowner's insurance may cover some aspects of your home-based business, it is usually limited and may not cover all aspects of your business operations or liabilities. Therefore, it's important to consider obtaining a separate commercial insurance policy to adequately protect your business.

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