Who Can Drive My Car Under My Insurance in Ontario?



Who Can Drive My Car Under My Insurance in Ontario?

Many people are aware that Ontario’s car insurance law protects both the motorist and the vehicle. If the principal motorist of a car is injured in an accident, the insurance policy will be set into motion by covering the driver’s medical expenses in addition to repairing any damage caused to the vehicle.

With that being said, it’s common for drivers to lend their cars to friends or family members throughout the year if needed. And when this happens, things can get a bit trickier when someone else gets behind the wheel. So, who exactly can drive your car under your insurance policy in Ontario? This is a common question we receive as insurance brokers in the province. As such, the team at Levitt Insurance Brokers has answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers on a daily basis regarding their car insurance so you can get a better understanding of who can and cannot get behind your vehicle in the future.

Therefore, to learn more about who can drive your car under your insurance in Ontario so you can protect yourself and others, keep reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

When sharing your vehicle with another driver, your insurance policy is automatically shared with that individual, meaning they will receive complete coverage in the event an accident should occur. With that being said, if you are sharing your car with another individual on a regular basis, there are some changes that will need to be made to your insurance policy. Here is the difference between what an insurance company will deem a regular driver as opposed to a casual secondary driver:

Regular secondary driver

A regular secondary driver is someone who uses the vehicle on a regular basis throughout the week. For example, if you lend your car to a friend or family member, let’s say, every Saturday so they can get to their destination, this will require you to change your insurance policy. The secondary driver's driving record will be reviewed by the insurance company, and an extra premium will be charged. This is due to the increased risk when an individual other than the primary driver removes the car from their property.

Casual secondary driver

On the other hand, a casual secondary driver is someone who uses the car every once in a while. For example, if you lend your friend or family member your vehicle once a year in case of an emergency.

Yes, you are able to drive your parent's vehicle with their insurance outside of the province of Ontario if and only if you have been given permission to do so and hold a valid driver's license. Furthermore, even if you have a G2 driver’s license, you will be able to cross the border into the United States with your license as well as across the border into a different province. On the other hand, if you are a G1 driver, you are still able to drive your parent’s vehicle to the United States or another province if you are driving with a fully licensed driver in the passenger seat who has a minimum of 4 years of driving experience.

If someone needs to borrow your vehicle and it results in an accident, your insurance company will pay for the damages as long as that person has explicit permission to use the car. However, there are certain situations in which you are not protected if you use somebody else's car. This would consist of the following:

  • Driving while intoxicated: If you are driving while intoxicated or high, you will not be protected from any damages and will be penalized.
  • You are a prohibited driver: You will not be protected if the owner specifically added you as an omitted motorist and you continue to use their vehicle.
  • You were never given permission: If the owner can prove that you were not allowed to operate their car, you must pay for all losses.

·  You don't have a driver's license: Driving without a valid permit may result in legal consequences.

An individual is able to drive someone else's car in Ontario, given that they have been provided explicit permission to do so and they hold a valid driver's license. When driving another individual's vehicle, you will be covered under their insurance policy so long as you do not drive the vehicle frequently. If you go the car regularly, you will need to inform the insurance company, which may result in an additional insurance premium. Furthermore, you will not be covered under another person's insurance policy if:

  • You are intoxicated while driving.
  • You were not given permission to do so
  • You do not have a legal driver’s license
  • You were banned from driving their vehicle

To make sure you are legally able to drive another individual’s vehicle, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Therefore, we recommend reaching out to their insurance company prior to getting behind the wheel to make sure you are covered while on the road.

Yes, a spouse is able to drive the car under their spouse's insurance as long as they have explicit permission from their spouse to do so. However, if they are driving the vehicle regularly, their spouse will need to modify their current insurance policy in order to be allotted the same coverage in the event an accident should take place. While it may seem redundant and not necessary to add your spouse onto your insurance policy if you are driving their vehicle regularly, if an accident occurs and your insurance company knows you are driving the car frequently, they will not provide you with coverage, which means you can end up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical expenses and damages. Therefore, if you are unsure whether you need to add yourself to your spouse's auto insurance, we recommend reaching out to your insurance company for further information.

Yes, if you are a G2 driver and need to drive another individual's vehicle, you will be covered under their insurance, given that you have their permission to operate the car and you are only driving the vehicle casually. This means that you are able to drive their car once in a while. However, if you are driving their vehicle on a regular basis, the owner of the car and policyholder will need to contact their insurance company and update their policy in order to ensure you are covered every time you drive. It is crucial to keep in mind that your history as a G2 driver will ultimately reflect the additional cost of adding you as a driver to the insurance policy held by the other person.

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